European Congress of Volunteering

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'Catalan society has volunteerism in its DNA'

This affirmation was made by the president of the Catalan government, Artur Mas, in the first session of the European Congress of Volunteering. The conclusions of the Barcelona congress will be the bases of the second part for the National Plan of Volunteer Action and Associations.

Nobel Peace Prize 2011

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Amnesty International: Nobel Peace Prize important recognition of struggle for women’s rights

The decision by the Nobel Peace Prize committee to recognize the work of activists to defend the rights of women around the world was commended by Amnesty International today.


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Libya: Transfer Saif al-Islam to the International Criminal Court (AI)

The National Transitional Council (NTC) must transfer Saif al-Islam Gaddafi to face investigation at the International Criminal Court (ICC), Amnesty International said after reports that he has been captured near the border with Niger.

Projecte de Cooperació a Guatemala finançat amb el Fons de Solidaritat

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La UAB i la UPF obren les convocatòries per atorgar finançament a projectes solidaris

La zona de El Chaco, a l'Argentina o La Fundació El Llindar són exemples d'on arriba el finançament de les universitats destinat a cooperació per al desenvolupament i a projectes socials.

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El Banc dels Aliments de Barcelona obre les portes pel dia Mundial de l'Alimentació

L'entitat celebra l'efemèride amb una jornada de portes obertes i amb diversos actes per conscienciar sobre el malbaratament d'aliments. Ja és possible inscriure's com a voluntari per al Gran Recapte del 28 i 29 de novembre.

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Convocatòria de Comunicacions per al VII Congrés Internacional de Conflictologia i Pau

El termini per presentar ponències al congrés organitzat pel Campus per la Pau i el Centre de Recerca i Estudis sobre Conflictologia de l’IN3 de la UOC està obert fins el proper dia 15.

Sport and Conflict Resolution

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Everything in place to prepare future trainers for peace with the UNESCO-FFCB-UOC Chair master's degree

UNESCO, the FC Barcelona Foundation (FFCB) and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia, UOC) have joined forces to prepare future trainers for peace. The master’s degree in Sport as a Tool for Social Coexistence and Conflict Resolution is to start in November 6, 2012 with the aim of teaching people how to use sport as a tool for socialising.

Map of Libya.

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AI: Saif Gaddafi must be transferred safely to ICC (International Criminal Court)

Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi must be allowed to surrender to the International Criminal Court to face investigation for crimes against humanity, Amnesty International said today amid reports that the fugitive son of Colonel al-Gaddafi is willing to turn himself in.

Map of Libya.

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AI: Libyans must see justice after death of Colonel al-Gaddafi

The reported death of Colonel Mu'ammar al-Gaddafi would bring to close a chapter of Libya's history marked by repression and abuse but would not end the story, Amnesty International said today.

European Year of the Voluntary Action 2011

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News of the II European Conference on Volunteering, now also online

The Pre-congress phase begins, and it wants to move to the online participation, in a European level, of the different social agents involved and related in the world of the voluntary action. Now the web is presented, both for the Congress and for the online Congress, in Spanish, Catalan and English.

Map of Gaza.

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'Recognition of the Palestinian State, and then negotiations, rather than another Masada'

"Today, Thursday, September 22, at 5.00 pm – a historical timing, on the eve of the UN debate – a special event will be held at 16 Rothschild Boulevard, opposite the building where the independence of Israel was proclaimed in 1948. On that spot there will be held a rally expressing support of Israeli and international recognition of the Palestinian state, and stating that the alternative to such recognition is going towards a new Masada. Among participants and speakers at the events will be Yael Dayan, Alon Li'el, Amos Oz, Yoran Kanyuk, David Tartakover, Yehuda Bauer and others. Participants will be invited to sign publicly the following manifesto:"

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Opinion article: 'Massive Youth Mobilization for Social Change'

The huge wave of demonstrations that is sweeping Israel for the last month and half, including a demonstration of 300,000 protestors in Tel-Aviv on August 6th, presented a "very clear message".

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Both sides in Libya conflict must protect detainees from torture

Both sides to the ongoing conflict in Libya must ensure that detainees in their custody are not tortured or otherwise ill-treated, Amnesty International said today.