Barcelona, European Capital of Volunteering 2014

Barcelona European Volunteering Capital 2014



Keys for the solid management of volunteering

In recent years, many people decide to get involved in volunteering within non-profit organizations. What is role of these receiving entities in this process, what has to be taken into account to manage correctly these newcomers?


Lissabon will be European Volunteering Capital 2015

The new hosting city was anounced during the celebration of the Volunteering Day.

Festa Remença


Culture from the people and for the people

Oriol Toro, journalist expert in popular and traditional culture, explains us how to engage the volunteering through the folkloric fests.


What can we get out of the VERSO Project?

On December 4th, during the closing day of the VERSO Project (Volunteers for European Employment), a list of recommendations on public policies was presented. These policies focused on the promotion of volunteering to enhance occupation opportunities.


The value of employer-supported volunteering

Simon Hill, head of partnerships at Enabling Enterprise, and a primary school governor, explains us how volunteering has both economic and social value whilst also bringing benefits to volunteers themselves.

European Volunteering Capital


Barcelona – European Volunteering Capital 2014

Carles Agustí, Commissioner for Citizen Participation and Associations of the City Council of Barcelona, values what the European Capital of Volunteering has been for Barcelona.



5 key factors to improve management of volunteering

What to take into account when concentrating on the improvement of management of volunteering? As a result of our experience in assisting organizations in improving their management, we here submit a collection of 5 factors that significantly helped to improve volunteering.


The Catalan Federation for Social Volunteering (FCVS) and the volunteering

The Catalan Federation for Social Volunteering (FCVS) was born 25 years ago and one of the most important missions that it develops is to promote volunteering and to raise awareness among society.


The process to attract and select volunteers

What strategies apply when it comes to look for volunteers? To attract volunteers does not mean just to call for them so they come to the association and start working.


Volunteering in Motion

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