The event took place in the Saló de Cent, one of the premises of the Barcelona Council, and it also comprised the awarding of the Volunteering Prize 2014 to Fundació Gresol - Projecte Home, for the great task it does attending people depending on drugs.

In this year’s edition, the 21st, the Volunteering Prize has valued the organizations’ transparency and accountability. In 2014 the prize has awarded 10.000€ to Projecte Home in order to develop a program based on a better support to volunteering and on measures ensuring the organization’s transparency. As a result of this, in 2015 several actions will be carried out to promote participation, meet the volunteers’ needs and improve their identification with the organization.

The European Volunteering Capital 2014 status, that Barcelona has held throughout the year, finished with the presentation of a volunteering based mapping that was projected on the Council’s façade. Under the slogan “I’m a volunteer, I beat in every action. I’m a volunteer, I beat for this world”, the audiovisual show tried to sensitize the spectators about the value of volunteering and it praised its altruistic task.

After rivaling with Naples and Basel, the baton will now pass to Lissabon. Eva Hambach, president of the European Volunteering Centre, emphasized the immense value that volunteering holds in the three candidate cities, and how difficult it had been to end up chosing the Portuguese capital.

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The new hosting city was anounced during the celebration of the Volunteering Day.

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Projecte Home received the Volunteering Prize 2014.
Image of the celebration of the Volunteering Day.