Launched for the first time in the European Year of Citizens 2013 (EY 2013) the competition attracted four candidates from three European countries: Laval i Rennes (France), Guimaraes (Portugal) and Barcelona (Catalonia).

The jury of nine key personalities connected with volunteering assessed the candidatures. The judging criteria were the recommendations in the Policy Agenda for volunteering in Europe (PAVE) and special attention was given to the support and encouragement shown for cross border volunteering Barcelona has been chosen as the European Capital of Volunteering for 2014, a fact that has filled with satisfaction the city’s entities and volunteers. Throughout the year many acts and projects will be organized by the Barcelona City Council, the Catalan government and a wide range of local organizations. These acts will be placed in a webpage that has been especially created for the occasion.

Among other events, the organization would like to highlight the creation of a mobile app to connect people willing to volunteer, the Forum Primavera de les Associacions entitled "Associativism is capital", the Market Place organized by the Catalan Federation of Social Volunteering or the Summer School of Volunteering. Also, several European cities will be invited to participate in different activities.

All the latest news can be followed in a special section in and through the social networks, through the hashtag #bcnvoluntariat2014.

The newsletter in your hands is part of this broad project and it aims to publicize, in a monographic way, what the contributions that the Catalan volunteering can make to other European countries are.

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Barcelona European Volunteering Capital presentation

The European Volunteering Capital Competition aims to promote volunteering at local level by giving recognition to municipalities that support and strengthen partnerships with volunteer centres and volunteer involving organizations in their communities.

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Barcelona European Volunteering Capital presentation

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