This first newsletter from Barcelona, the European capital of volunteering, is dedicated to think about the challenges of the future of volunteering. From Catalonia, with a long tradition of volunteering promotion, we have always understood that volunteering must be developed in the framework of organizations, as an exercise to strengthen the social fabric. It is, precisely, from this perspective and in the current context of social changes that we raise this debate.

In this newsletter you will find interesting reflections that have been done in Catalonia during the last years, and that give some clues about the future of the volunteering. These reflections are made in our country, but we think that they raise interesting debates across Europe.

Enric Canet and Carles Armengol, in two different articles, talk about the role that volunteering should have in the twenty-first century, and how volunteers can face the challenge of social transformation through their daily work. In his article, Oriol Illa deals with the challenges that the economic crisis brings to the sector, and Juanjo Butron explains us what the challenges of the environmental volunteering, which is one of the typologies of volunteering that is growing more rapidly in Catalonia, are.

We also present you what the challenges of the civic organizations are, and we do so through their representatives: Francina Alsina, president of the Federació Catalana de Voluntariat Social, and Alfons Tiñena, from the Consell d'Associacions de Barcelona. According to them, the main challenges that organizations have are to better connect with their social base, strengthen its democratic quality, and achieve an organized associativism, better coordinated and financially more empowered.

The majority of the articles that we present to you in this newsletter are part of This webpage was born in 2003, funded by the Catalan government, with the goal to promote volunteering. We hope you find these reflections useful!

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In 2014 Barcelona will be the European Volunteering Capital and there're a lot of activities prepared for celebrate it.

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