It is necessary for organizations to connect with their social base

Volunteers, beneficiaries, companies, public administrations and citizens that are around a civil organization, are the key players that allow the organization to develop its mission.
The organization’s mission and its goals must be aligned with its social base. Here is the fundamental: citizens are the ones who can value, sustain and collaborate with the organization.
If there is a strong correlation between what an organization says that he does and what he really does, then this organization will be trusted by people. And this condition is essential in order to survive, especially in complicated moments as the current ones.

Organizations must be an example of democratic quality

Transparency in the way things are done is vital to the health of the organization. For this reason, it is important to make an effort in order to strengthen the democratic quality: we are talking about the internal functioning of the organization, but also about its representativeness and the distribution of responsibilities.
By showing permeability the organization gains the trust of all those who make possible its work. Working for people who are vulnerable or is at risk of social exclusion requires transparency.

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Originally published by, 08 july 2013

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Francina Alsina

Francina Alsina, president of the Federació Catalana de Voluntariat Social, explains us which the challenges of civic associations and the volunteering sector are.

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Francina Alsina.

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