Marketplace 2014 is a biennial event organised by the Catalan Federation of Social Volunteering, whose main aim is to provide a space for volunteers, organisations and companies with Social Responsibility to share their experiences and find meeting points in order to work together.

In this year’s edition, which was open to everyone, there were more than 70 companies and organisations attending. They took part in the fair as well as in other activities related to training, exchanging of experiences and collaboration, and also in the debate spaces on volunteering. Below we report about the different spaces and programmes that made up this edition of MarketPlace:

  • Space FAIR

Large, medium-sized and small companies, Special Working Centres and social entities took part in this area. An excellent showcase to get to know successful experiences about collaborations or internal business policies. 77 stands were present in this space, distributed as follows:

- 20 social entities

- 20 companies showing their projects on Social Responsibility

- 20 Special Working Centres and insertion companies

- 10 platforms linked to the promotion of Business Social Responsibility in Europe, Spain and Latin America

- 7 institutional stands for promoters and collaborators


Great meeting space where outstanding personalities from the Catalan social, political, academic and business branches took part in several debates about the role of volunteering, with regard to diverse areas:

- Enterprise. Social Responsibility and Volunteering

- Civic participation. Sport, Cultural, Environmental, Educational Volunteering

- Occupation. Volunteering and jobs

- Enterprise. Social Responsibility and Volunteering (II)

- Society. Local area and Volunteering

- Society. Social Movements and Volunteering

  • Space CONNECT

This space was intended for facilitating the generation of synergies between several sectors, a greater intertwining among them and a chance to hold more dynamic meetings. There were several activities taking place here:

- Speakers corner: companies and organisations present at MarketPlace 2014 submitted their project or proposal of Social Responsibility on a basis of 3-minutes interventions.

- “Listening to each other”: 5 organisations and companies submitted their good practices on Social Responsibility to 5 tables with 10 attendants each, on a three round basis (1 hour each).

- “Reference”: Space intended for sources and publications within the sector.

  • Space REFLECT

Two activities were held here: Premium and, intended for reflecting on the basic lines of the companies’ Social Responsibility.

  • Space LEARN

The “Pitching Solidari” stood out among the activities held within this area that was intended for a training programme. 6 social entities submitted their projects to a “first row” made up of professionals coming from the business area and the Third Sector. They evaluated the presentations displayed as communication tools between companies and organisations, as well as their contents and the interest they may arise.

MartketPlace 2014 is part of the European Capital of Volunteering event hosted by Barcelona in 2014, and it forms part as well of the agenda of the Commemorative Events of the Tricentenary (1714-2014).

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On October 20th, the Centre Cultural El Born (Barcelona) hosted MarketPlace 2014, a meeting space where more than 70 organisations and companies had the chance to share, analyse and promote their activities, and a good opportunity to attract new volunteers.

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