The new technologies and the internet have become a significant part of our daily life. We use them to search information and as a means of entertainment. But also to help others and to improve our world through volunteering. There are thousands of interesting social projects in the web: there are people who edit wikipedia every day, lead online courses for free, promote social campaigns and lots of other activities developed on a voluntary and non-profit basis. These initiatives are known as e-volunteering.

In order to reward online volunteering and motivate people to start social initiatives in the web, the Polish organization The Good Network Foundation has been holding the Discover e-volunteering contest, now for three years.

All European NGOs can take part in this competition, which is now in its third edition. They can aspire to grants worth €2.000 that are intended for the implementation of projects and ideas on e-volunteering. In addition, the finalists will be rewarded with courses and sessions led by experts in the field to train organizations in the creation of social projects on the web.

Social organizations interested in participating can submit their project until June 30th.

For further information, check the competition’s website.

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The third edition of Discover E-Volunteering is underway

Organised by The Good Network Foundation, this competition rewards the most innovative projects and ideas on online volunteering.

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The second edition of Discover E-Volunteering.
Logo Discover E-Volunteering.

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