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Advocacy, promotion and volunteer recruitment

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:: Destacats

How to mobilize more than one milion people?Proposals to improve collaboration between companies and social entities7 measures to encourage involvement in your association
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:: Notícies

Programme CooperantsCaixa, the model of international corporate volunteering by Fundació “la Caixa”
Cooperants internacionals de

Sergi Burrull, Program Coordinator of CooperantsCaixa, explains what is the Programme on International Volunteering ...

6 actions for administration to carry out to promote volunteering among the society
Arrels Fundació

Volunteering has always been a very important sector in catalan society and because of that it is important to ask ourselves. What can public administrations do to help to improve and promote this sector? Roger Buch, of Xarxanet.org, explains the main keys.

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:: News

The process to attract and select volunteers

What strategies apply when it comes to look for volunteers? To attract volunteers does not mean just to call for them so they come to the association and start working. 

The Catalan Federation for Social Volunteering (FCVS) and the volunteering

The Catalan Federation for Social Volunteering (FCVS) was born 25 years ago and one of the most important missions that it develops is to promote volunteering and to raise awareness among society.

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:: Library documents

Virtual Voluntering: current status and future prospects

Volunteering without being physically present at the host organization’s work site is not new. Telephone and mail have been used by home-based volunteers for many years to help with fundraising, bookkeeping, and other activities. The advent of the information and communications technology revolution has, however, opened the door to a much-expanded version of this type of volunteering that has come to be known as “virtual volunteering.”

Potential and promise of online volunteering

The Internet is often perceived as yet another technological innovation that causes a further widening of the gap between rich and poor. However, one of the most interesting phenomena to come out of the Internet revolution is its utilization as a channel for social development.

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:: Relationship between entity and enterprise

Marketplace 2014, a meeting space for companies and social entities
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On October 20th, the Centre Cultural El Born (Barcelona) hosted MarketPlace 2014, a meeting space where more than 70 organisations and companies had the chance to share, analyse and promote their activities, and a good opportunity to attract new volunteers.

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